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What is endpoint protection?

Endpoint protection is a fundamental cybersecurity control for all businesses. Endpoint security protects the devices that are used within an organization, including laptops, desktops and more. These devices can all provide an entry point for hackers, so it’s vital they’re secured with endpoint protection in order to keep your business safe.

Endpoint security was previously known as anti-virus software, but modern endpoint protection systems often go beyond simple anti-virus and include advanced security features, as well as integrating with other solutions such as SIEM.

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Benefits of endpoint protection

Endpoint protection is an organization’s cybersecurity frontline, increasing your cybersecurity posture by securing the various devices within your business.

An endpoint protection tool, such as the one in Defense.com™, can have many benefits to your business:

  • Easy management of device security
  • Identify and remediate hidden security flaws
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Real-time scanning stops malware
  • Helps with your patch management
  • Meet your compliance obligations

Endpoint protection in Defense.com

All Defense.com™ packages include our advanced endpoint security tool as standard. It’s easy to install on all devices, no matter your hardware or operating system, so you can quickly start protecting your entire organization.

Smart security

Smart security

Defense.com™ endpoint protection makes smart security decisions for you, reducing the number of notifications and making it easy for you to get on with your day-to-day work.

Simple management

Simple management

Our endpoint protection effortlessly integrates with the rest of your Defense.com™ security tools. Handy dashboards make management a breeze.

User profiles

Always up to date

Our advanced endpoint protection software is regularly updated to keep your business protected against the latest threats and cyber risks and to keep hackers at bay.

The most comprehensive security bundle available

Enterprise security shouldn’t have to be expensive, so we include many powerful features as standard.

Advanced anti-virus and anti-malware gives you peace of mind that every workstation, server and mailbox is protected at all times.
Without full awareness of your assets, it’s impossible to know the real risks. Your Asset Profile makes it simple to identify and keep track of all the operating systems and devices used within your business.
Security analysts search your systems’ logs to provide real-time analysis of security alerts from your network and applications, including Office365. Choose our full managed service for 24/7 proactive protection.
Evaluate your external-facing systems for security vulnerabilities with expert testers who work with you to strengthen your security perimeter. Easily track your results and remediations from your Threat Dashboard.
Live data from penetration tests, VA scans and threat intelligence against your assets, feeds into a central dashboard showing you exactly where your critical risks lie and the severity of each threat.
Train your staff to spot malicious emails and test your incident response plan regularly with our easy-to-use phishing campaign tool. Fully managed phishing campaigns can also be built to suit your own tailored requirements (Business package only).
Engaging video training that covers all the essential security topics is combined together with exams to ensure your staff are fully trained and tested. In addition, you can get access to live instructor-led training from fully qualified security experts.
It’s best practice to run regular vulnerability scans to complement your pen testing schedule. This feature makes it easy for you to schedule regular scans or perform a quick on-demand test.

Support is always on-hand

Expert Consultancy Expert Consultancy

Expert Consultancy

Security consultants will be on-hand to help you strategize, set action plans and review policies.

Security Helpline Security Helpline

Security Helpline

Around the clock support to ensure you are getting the best protection from every feature.

Panic Button Panic Button

Panic Button

24/7 emergency support for security events, cyber incidents, and data breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endpoint protection is a control which protects business IT equipment. Any device connected to internal systems or with an internet connection can provide an entry point for hackers, and endpoint protection ensures that log files are analyzed for all connected assets to find anomalies and identify threats.

Endpoint protection is a basic cybersecurity measure that every business needs to implement. Without it, all your business devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops, are open doors for hackers.

Traditional anti-virus (AV) scans files against a list of known signatures for viruses, trojans, worms and more, that are together termed malware. Anti-virus programs might also offer real-time scanning of your operating system. However, they don’t offer advanced security features needed by businesses. That’s where endpoint protection comes in.

Modern endpoint protection solutions combine traditional anti-virus capabilities with advanced security features that also protect against network-based attacks, data theft, phishing (and more), whilst also playing an integral role in SIEM and MDR services.

Defense.com™ includes endpoint protection software that is based on industry-leading technology and installs quickly and easily on your organizations’ devices. On-device monitoring keeps your end user devices protected, whilst the integration with Defense.com™ makes the on-going management simple and effective.

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