Threat Dashboard – Prioritize your threats Threat Dashboard – Prioritize your threats

What is a managed SIEM service?

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution takes log data from various sources within your network and identifies any suspicious activity. If a security event is spotted, an alert can be raised so that remedial action can be taken.

An outsourced managed SIEM solution will proactively monitor and investigate network activity on your behalf. Any security events or outcomes are escalated directly to you, instead of floods of alerts.™ dashboard

Why choose a managed SIEM solution?

Choosing to outsource SIEM to a third party can be seen as the most balanced option in comparison to building your own solution or buying an off-the-shelf product.

Managed SIEM allows you to save time and resource by letting a third party proactively look for threats on your behalf. You’ll also benefit from no dedicated hardware or support contracts to manage and access to a wider variety of threat intelligence.

By using a managed SIEM solution, such as the one included in the Business and Enterprise™ packages, you can combine the best of technology and human expertise for 24/7 threat monitoring.

Managed SIEM in

Our managed SIEM service combines innovative technology with human expertise to identify malicious network activity and protect your business from hackers.

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Powerful SIEM

We use our own custom-engineered SIEM that can search millions of logs in milliseconds and ingest thousands of logs per second, from virtually any source.

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Innovative protection

Our SaaS platform uses advanced machine learning and integrated threat intelligence to help identify the latest cyber threats and reduce the risk of an attack.

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Expertly managed

Our experienced, in-house SOC team will monitor your logs 24/7, escalating security events and actions to you directly, rather than floods of alerts.

The most comprehensive security bundle available

Enterprise security shouldn’t have to be expensive, so we include many powerful features as standard.

Proactively defend against threats with integrated machine learning for 24/7 log monitoring supported by skilled security analysts. Live dashboard allows you to instantly access run books and review analysts updates as and when they happen for the most effective resolutions.
Security analysts search your systems’ logs to provide real-time analysis of security alerts from your network and applications, including Office365. Choose our full managed service for 24/7 proactive protection.
Advanced anti-virus and anti-malware gives you peace of mind that every workstation, server and mailbox is protected at all times.
Without full awareness of your assets, it’s impossible to know the real risks. Your Asset Tracker makes it simple to identify and keep track of all the operating systems and devices used within your business.
Evaluate your external-facing systems for security vulnerabilities with expert testers who work with you to strengthen your security perimeter. Easily track your results and remediations from your Threat Dashboard.
It’s best practice to run regular vulnerability scans to complement your pen testing schedule. This feature makes it easy for you to schedule regular scans or perform a quick on-demand test.
Live data from penetration tests, VA scans and threat intelligence against your assets, feeds into a central dashboard showing you exactly where your critical risks lie and the severity of each threat.
Engaging video training that covers all the essential security topics is combined together with exams to ensure your staff are fully trained and tested. In addition, you can get access to live instructor-led training from fully qualified security experts.

Support is always on-hand

Expert Consultancy Expert Consultancy

Expert Consultancy

Security consultants will be on-hand to help you strategize, set action plans and review policies.

Security Helpline Security Helpline

Security Helpline

Around the clock support to ensure you are getting the best protection from every feature.

Panic Button Panic Button

Panic Button

24/7 emergency support for security events, cyber incidents, and data breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

The managed SIEM service in™ delivers comprehensive security by leveraging many different features, including:

  • 24/7 protection

    Our in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) will proactively monitor your network and system logs to identify threats to your business. In addition, our experts analyze anonymous data from our entire range of security products, combined with internal and commercial intelligence, to identify known and unknown threats.

  • Network & host IDS/IPS

    Our team can detect and even proactively block malicious traffic and behavior. Our IDS modules can be host or network based, with our security analysts’ expert configuration knowledge and machine learning components combining to deliver a low number of false positives.

  • File integrity monitoring

    FIM is a high-value cyber defense mechanism, but it can quickly result in alert fatigue if not implemented correctly. With™, our experienced SOC analysts fine-tune the configuration to only deliver useful alerts on your critical files.

  • Web application firewall

    Our WAF module enables you to stay protected against common web exploits by filtering HTTP traffic and watching for potential threats. You can also protect your applications against attacks like XSS and SQL injections.

  • Flexible VA scans

    Our integrated scanning platform features commercial and in-house built scanning engines to provide detailed vulnerability scans. VA scans in™ are PCI DSS ASV certified.

  • System hardening™ will automatically check system configurations against CIS benchmarks and conduct security audits to identify any systems or applications that are at risk of exploitation. We’ll help you to proactively fine-tune your infrastructure based on your unique attack surface.

SIEM solutions gather log data from many different areas of a network and therefore can generate a high number of alerts. These alerts need to be reviewed to assess if they are genuine threats, which can be difficult to manage for smaller organizations that do not have an in-house SOC team or dedicated resources within their existing IT department.

A managed SIEM service enables businesses to save time and resources by outsourcing this work to a third party that can manage it more effectively.

Traditional managed SIEM solutions are usually licensed on a fixed term basis, with the price depending a variety of factors such as the number of logs or storage requirements. Pricing can quickly escalate when large numbers of logs are being generated and processed.

With™ there’s no need to worry about log counts. Managed SIEM is included on our Business and Enterprise packages and is limited only by the number of nodes that you are sending logs from.™ Business and Enterprise packages include a managed SIEM solution as standard, in addition to our advanced log file monitoring capabilities.

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This service is really useful for small to medium enterprises who don’t have the dedicated internal tech or services that provide the capability.

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