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Cybersecurity should be high on the agenda for all mid-market businesses, but it can be difficult to influence the board or gain enough protection with the budget available.™ is the most affordable, comprehensive security solution of its kind serving businesses around the world. Covering proactive threat detection, internal staff security training, right through to meeting data protection and compliance standards, your security has never been easier to manage.

Accelerate your security improvements

With™ you have easy access to leading security solutions that will allow you to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity without a heavy time or cost commitment. With management through a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard, your security profile is convenient and fast. Expert consultants will support you on all aspects of cybersecurity and compliance for a consolidated security solution.

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Expert Consultants features that make your cybersecurity easy to manage

Asset Profile

Asset Profile

Continuously manage new risks by easily keeping track of all the operating systems and devices in use within your business. From your dashboard, you’ll be notified of any threats matched to those assets, so you can take remediation action fast.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Gain peace of mind knowing every endpoint is well protected with advanced anti-virus, malware and ransomware protection. It’s simple to add new workstations, servers and mailboxes, and with automatic updates, all systems remain protected reducing your risk of a successful attack.

Threat Dashboard

Threat Dashboard

Immediately understand the threats to your business and remediate the risks fast with easy-to-follow steps. Displaying customized data from your penetration tests, vulnerability scans and asset threat intelligence, you’ll quickly understand which risks need prioritizing and urgent action.

Powerful Security Tools

Powerful Security Tools

Advanced security features take your protection to a new level. From in-depth penetration tests and 24/7 log monitoring to regular vulnerability scanning, you’ll be able to proactively identify and defend against threats. The phishing simulator will also help you identify human weaknesses in your internal defenses, with fun online training videos available to help build a culture of security best practices amongst your workforce.

3 ways helps mid-market business advance their security

  • Easy to use

    Reduces the complexity of managing cybersecurity with features that are easy to set up and use.

  • Part of your team

    Expert consultants work as an extension of your team to assist and advise you on cyber security.

  • Complete visualization

    Simple dashboards make complex data easy to understand and enable you to prioritize your resources.

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