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What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are UK government backed certification standards that are aimed at delivering an essential security baseline for every business.

They describe key technical controls that need to be in place in order to defend against the most common cyber threats.

The five controls are:

  • Firewalls
  • Secure configuration
  • User access control
  • Malware protection
  • Patch management
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Benefits of Cyber Essentials certification

By becoming Cyber Essentials certified you are demonstrating that you take security seriously and have the fundamentals in place to protect the data of your customers and suppliers.

By renewing your certification annually, you can achieve a top-level understanding of your security posture and the common threats you need to be defending against.

Cyber Essentials can help reduce the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches by up to 80%.

Cyber Essentials in™ packages include Cyber Essentials as standard, with options to upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus.

For customers based outside of the UK, a Security Health Check conducted by™ consultants is offered.

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Certified provider

Our knowledgeable consultants are certified Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Assessors.

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Enhanced security

Protect your business against the most common cyber-attacks with government backed certification.

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Grow your business

Cyber Essentials is increasingly becoming a minimum requirement for businesses of all sizes.

The most comprehensive security packages available

Enterprise security shouldn’t have to be expensive, so we include many powerful features as standard.

Get a comprehensive audit of your business against the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme. Conducted by expert consultants, you can be confident you have the right technical controls in place.
Without full awareness of your assets, it’s impossible to know the real risks. Your Asset Tracker makes it simple to identify and keep track of all the operating systems and devices used within your business.
Advanced anti-virus and anti-malware gives you peace of mind that every workstation, server and mailbox is protected at all times.
Evaluate your external-facing systems for security vulnerabilities with expert testers who work with you to strengthen your security perimeter. Easily track your results and remediations from your Threat Dashboard.
Live data from penetration tests, VA scans and threat intelligence against your assets, feeds into a central dashboard showing you exactly where your critical risks lie and the severity of each threat.
See your business through the eyes of a hacker. The handy data display highlights your web traffic figures, sub domains, third party data risk, email block lists and much more.
Engaging video training that covers all the essential security topics is combined together with exams to ensure your staff are fully trained and tested. In addition, you can get access to live instructor-led training from fully qualified security experts.
It’s best practice to run regular vulnerability scans to complement your pen testing schedule. This feature makes it easy for you to schedule regular scans or perform a quick on-demand test.

Support is always on-hand

Expert Consultancy Expert Consultancy

Expert Consultancy

Security consultants will be on-hand to help you strategize, set action plans and review policies.

Security Helpline Security Helpline

Security Helpline

Around the clock support to ensure you are getting the best protection from every feature.

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Panic Button

24/7 emergency support for security events, cyber incidents, and data breaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Essentials is a government initiative which provides a set of basic controls and guidance for small businesses who may not have their own IT staff or specialist expertise. It helps them protect their business from cyber threats and issues certificates which are valid for three years.

The UK Cyber Essentials scheme provides assurance that your business understands and meets the technical controls required to protect against a wide variety of common attacks. By becoming Cyber Essentials certified, your business demonstrates that it has fundamental cybersecurity in place.

A Cyber Essentials assessment consists of completing a questionnaire covering the five key technical controls. Cyber Essentials Plus goes a step further to also include a vulnerability scan of externally facing devices in scope, along with a workstation assessment and an internal vulnerability scan.

If you would like to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification, on top of your existing Cyber Essentials certification through™, please get in touch and we can assist.

  • ’DIY’ version
  • Self-assessment questionaire
  • Responses are independently reviewed by external certifying body
Baseline framework geared
towards small business
  • Cyber Essentials requirements
  • Independent on-site assessment of security controls
  • Authenticated internal and external vulnerability and patch verification scan required
  • Requires preparation and internal assessment
  • More highly regarded certification
Tangible improvements to cyber defense

Cyber Essentials certification is a self-assessment against five technical controls. By assessing and ensuring your business is maintaining these five controls to a good standard, you can request Cyber Essentials certification from a certifying body (™ will handle this for you). This will allow you to proudly display a Cyber Essentials badge on your website and attract more clients.

These include:

  • Access control
  • Firewalls and routers
  • Malware protection
  • Secure configuration
  • Software updates

Cyber Essentials is a UK government cybersecurity assurance scheme. Although certification is only valid for UK-based businesses, implementing and following the security controls can help your business prevent cyberattacks, regardless of location.

For™ customers outside the UK, a Security Health Check is offered as part of your package. This includes the same technical controls as Cyber Essentials, as well as many other best practice standards.

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Feedback from Backup Systems

The expertise we received from day one was excellent, and thanks to their insight we passed Cyber Essentials first time. With our 10-year history of keeping customer data secure, the Cyber Essentials scheme adds further confidence and value to the Backup Systems offerings.

Christopher Blewitt Infrastructure Team Lead, Backup Systems

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