The global average cost of a data breach is $4.35 million

IBM & Ponemon Report, 2022

Low-touch, high-impact cybersecurity defense

Real-time protection

Real-time protection

Real-time SIEM-based monitoring combined with security expertise from our 24/7 SOC means we detect, analyze and stop attacks in seconds.

Seamless security

Seamless security™ MDR integrates with your existing security teams and tooling, for 100% security coverage.

Rapid time-to-value

Rapid time-to-value

Start protecting your business in hours, not weeks, with expedited onboarding and lightning-fast remediation.

Proactive threat hunting

Threat hunting

Seasoned security professionals use the latest technology and intelligence to proactively search for hidden threats.

Accurate detection, quick remediation

Protect your data and assets from threats that evade your other security controls, with MDR services from™.

Free your staff and budget

Free your staff & budget

MDR can eliminate the burden of security management, freeing your staff and your budget.

Goodbye alert fatigue

Stop alert fatigue

Say goodbye to meaningless alerts and get actionable, reliable remediation advice.

Comprehensive visibility

Comprehensive visibility

Maintain a complete view of your business data and assets to quickly detect threats.

Integrate existing security

Security integration

Our MDR service can work together with your existing security investments to maximise your ROI.

Incident lifecycle support

Incident response

When alerts turn to incidents, we’re in your corner to support you through all stages of the incident lifecycle.

Prevent data breaches

Prevent data breaches

Meet your compliance-driven monitoring requirements and proactively avoid data breaches.

What can™ MDR do?

What can MDR do?

Our MDR service has been engineered for power and performance, so we’re able to react quickly to all security threats, including:

  • Proactive phishing protection
  • Malicious website blocking
  • USB blocking
  • Malicious IP blocklisting
  • Host and device isolation
  • Isolate suspected breached users
  • Protect remote staff as if they were on-premises™ MDR integrates with your security stack, so you can get more from existing investments. Your security implementations are monitored and leveraged to provide strong defenses.

Discover the difference™ MDR is a low-touch, high-impact managed service that solves the problem of hiring expensive in-house security teams.

Our powerful SIEM platform ingests any logs from any source at any volume

Endpoint tooling proactively isolates assets to stop attacks in progress

Start seeing value quickly with a fast onboarding process

Tried-and-tested runbooks set a strong security baseline

Service is aligned to the cyber kill chain and operates to SANS incident response best practices

Built to be effortlessly scalable to grow with your businesses™ Threat Management dashboard

Powerful security tools included as standard

Your MDR service will be delivered through™, an all-in-one SaaS platform that’s full of powerful threat management tools, including vulnerability scanning, phishing simulation and video training.

Threats from all sources, including your MDR service, are prioritized and tracked through a single dashboard to give a complete view of your security landscape.

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Why choose™?

Your cybersecurity experts™ has pioneered our own technology stack, giving you access to a scalable, lightning fast MDR platform, with up-to-the-minute intel and powerful correlation engines. We also take pride in our people, with our 24/7 SOC staffed by seasoned security experts. Our people and technology work together to keep you protected against the dynamic threat landscape.

Data from our wide range of solutions is anonymised and aggregated into our own threat intelligence. This cutting-edge research complements our commercial and open-source data feeds to ensure we’re always at the forefront of security protection.

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Managed detection and response (MDR) FAQs

Managed detection and remediation is a whole-business approach to security that combines advanced analytics and human-led services to power threat detection and response. It uses SIEM, endpoint, and network technologies to protect an organization’s entire environment, including on-premises, cloud, hybrid and endpoints.

It works proactively to reduce the risk of a business being compromised, minimize the impact of attacks, and increase the efficiency and efficacy of remediation. It’s a powerful, cost-effective cyber protection with zero upfront payments.

Managed detection and response is a total-coverage security defense that can removes the burden of owning and managing your own cyber defenses and threat management – saving a business an enormous amount of time, money and resource. It’s highly valued by security-minded organizations as it can do double duty by also helping with compliance and reporting requirements.