Over 20 million servers have port 22 (SSH) open making them a prime target for attackers.

Defense.com Annual Cyber Security Industry Report - 2022
Monitor your external attack surface Monitor your external attack surface

Monitor your external attack surface

Get security insights at your fingertips and see what your organisation looks like through the eyes of a hacker with the Threat Recon tool in Defense.com.

Simply scan your web domain(s) and instantly see areas of your external attack profile that could become threats, including:

  • Web traffic figures
  • SSL certificate status
  • Subdomain detection
  • Third party data risks
  • Email block lists
  • Open services and ports
  • And much more

This hidden threat data enables you to act on any cyber risks before they are exploited.

Scan your web domain

Scan your web domain

Simply enter in your company website address and get a detailed threat reconnaissance report in seconds, highlighting any external attack surface risks.

Review your subdomains

Review your subdomains

See a list of all subdomains to check that they are documented and secured. Understand if you have any subdomains that can be removed, or if any have been incorrectly exposed.

Monitor open services

Monitor open services

Having visibility of your open ports not only helps with attack surface monitoring, it’s also standard security best practice in line with PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and the GDPR.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date

Run a Threat Recon report regularly to keep on top of your overall security profile and highlight any potential ongoing issues. Refresh the report as many times as you like to get new results when your environment changes.

Identify and fix cyber risks Identify and fix cyber risks

Identify and fix cyber risks

Hackers are always on the lookout for the lowest hanging fruit. With the Threat Recon tool in Defense.com, you can take control of your external attack surface management and fix any vulnerabilities before they become issues.

  • Check your website encryption status and SSL certification expiry date
  • Get tips on how to secure your emails, website and any subdomains
  • Reduce risk by disabling any unnecessary open services
  • Run scans across multiple web domains
Defense.com™ Threat Recon

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Threat recon FAQs

In cyber security, threat reconnaissance is the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting on information about cyber threats that could put your organisation at risk. This will usually involve gathering data from multiple sources to identify threats that are currently happening, or to highlight issues that may be a risk in the future.

Our threat recon tools provide scanning for multiple domains as part of the Defense.com™ platform.

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You can run a Threat Recon scan on your web domain(s) as many times as you like. We’d recommend doing this on a regular basis to check for new threats from your external attack surface, particularly if your environment has changed.

External attack surface management, or EASM for short, refers to the practice of understanding and managing threats that arise from internet-facing systems. These systems could include software and assets from third party vendors, public cloud environments and any other assets that are hosted outside of your firewall.