Over 20,000 vulnerabilities were reported in 2021.

Mitre CVE List - 2022
Stay ahead of hackers Stay ahead of hackers

Stay ahead of hackers

Cyber threat intelligence feeds can help you keep up to date with new and emerging security vulnerabilities to understand how your business may be targeted by hackers.

You can use the threat intelligence platform in Defense.com to easily maintain an overview of your threat landscape, including:

  • Vulnerabilities affecting internal hardware and software assets
  • Externally-facing systems and domains
  • Data from leading industry sources

This threat intelligence data can help you to identify and fix any security issues before they put your business at risk.

Always be informed

Always be informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities and threats from our in-house team of security experts and penetration testers, as well as industry sources such as CVE (common vulnerabilities and exposures) and CareCERT.

Get tailored intelligence

Get tailored intelligence

Defense.com identifies threats that match the hardware and software in your Asset Profile and maps them to each asset with actionable remediation advice.

Threat intelligence should form an important part of any cyber security strategy, as it enables you to proactively assess the threats that could affect your organisation. Once you have this data, you can use it to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited and stay one step ahead of hackers.

Save time, reduce risk

Save time, reduce risk

Threat intelligence data is automatically prioritized, meaning you’ll spend less time triaging issues, allowing you to focus more on fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

See all threats in one place

See all threats in one place

Get threat data from penetration tests, vulnerability scans and other areas of the Defense.com platform. All data is funnelled into one Threat Dashboard to make it easier to evaluate security risks from across your organization.

Stay informed with the latest threat intelligence data

Stay informed with the latest threat intelligence data

Using threat intelligence tools can help to identify what vulnerabilities may affect your business, both now and in the future. This data can give you the chance to remediate any issues before they become threats.

Defense.com has a built-in threat intelligence platform that can help you:

  • Easily evaluate cyber risks by combining data from penetration tests, vulnerability scans and other areas
  • Prioritise issues and vulnerabilities based on criticality
  • Identify threats that are specific to your list of company assets
  • Stay informed about emerging threats from an expert team of Defense.com analysts
  • Keep up to date with other industry cyber threat intelligence data such as CareCERT
Defense.com™ Threat Management

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Threat intelligence FAQs

In the world of cybersecurity, threat intelligence is the practice of gathering information about vulnerabilities and cyber threats that could pose a risk to your organization. This information could include vulnerability data from the MITRE CVE list, cyber security experts and other industry sources.

Cyber threat intelligence data needs to be properly prioritised and actioned before it can be used. In an ideal scenario, threat intelligence feeds should provide you with the following:

  • Information about vulnerabilities that affect your specific assets. This means you can block out Generalised threat data that doesn’t apply to your organization
  • A prioritised list to help you focus your attention on the most critical issues and avoid alert fatigue
  • Actionable advice to support your remediation efforts

Defense.com™ uses several threat intelligence sources to help you build a full picture of your threat landscape, including:

  • MITRE CVEs and other threat intelligence feeds
  • Observations, recommendations, and alerts from the expert Defense.com™ SOC analysts
  • Tailored vulnerability data based on the hardware/software you have logged in your Asset Profile
  • Other industry sources such as CareCERT

Cyber threat intelligence is included in the Defense.com™ SaaS platform, which is available on a monthly or yearly subscription.

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