The SOC handbook: How to effectively manage Microsoft 365 alerts

Gain expert insights from our SOC team on how to improve your detection and response to Microsoft 365 security alerts.

How to effectively manage Microsoft 365 alerts guide

Improve your Microsoft 365 security

A guide for IT leaders and administrators to enhance their organisation’s Microsoft 365 security.

Gain insights and advice from SOC Analysts on alert investigation, as well as actionable strategies to help you improve your overall security posture.

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 most common Microsoft 365 alerts and how to effectively handle them
  • The remediation advice recommended by our expert SOC Analysts
  • The quick-win best practices to reduce burden on your IT team and improve your organisation’s security posture
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Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 is widely used by organisations as a cloud-based platform to facilitate seamless collaboration and boost productivity. However, its extensive usage makes it a prime target for adversaries, with over 80% of breaches involving data stored in the cloud. With, you get alerted to new threats and our expert team provide remediation guidance to improve your Microsoft 365 security and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.