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Point-of-sale provider forgets security

A popular POS service provider left a database unsecured, exposing a whopping 1.7 billion records of over 1 million customers. Since they’re a service provider, this impacted not only their own customers, but their customer’s customers too. The kind of data leaked included physical and email addresses, full names, and even partial payment information. The company in question says they’ve now engaged security consultants. Though some might say it’s too little too late.

The moral of this story is: you need to build security into your business operations and not treat it as an afterthought. If security implications were baked-in as part of the DevOps cycle, chances are it wouldn’t have been overlooked.

In this instance a simple penetration test – such as those provided by™ - would’ve picked up this easily-preventable problem. Your business must make sure it doesn’t make the same mistake, and this applies both when hosting data yourself, and in the cloud.

Covering the security basics with your staff

How do you prevent over 99% of account hijack attacks? Why, you use MFA, or multi-factor authentication. This is the recent advice of one of the stars of the development world, RubyGems, who’s just about to enforce it for all their package maintainers. It sounds like it would be a no-brainer to turn this on everywhere you can – which these days is everywhere. The problem is that many people just don’t appreciate how effective, and how simple, this security control can be.

That’s where™’s video training comes in. All the security basics are covered and it’s an effective way to get your staff on-board with why security is important, and what they need to do to help maintain it.

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