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The biggest breach to date

We’re starting with the big news: in what looks like the biggest data breach to date, the Shanghai National Police Database was leaked, and with it, and the loss of billions of Chinese citizen’s personal data. It looks like the Police database was sitting entirely unsecured on a cloud server. With no password required, hackers simply swooped in, stole the data, and it’s now up for sale for 10 Bitcoin.

This is a story we hear all too often – unsecured cloud services – but it is preventable. Following documented security standards for commissioning new services should’ve stopped this from happening in the first place, and a penetration test – just like those from™ – would probably have picked it up even if it managed to slip through the net. Your business probably uses cloud services – do you know if it’s been configured correctly?

Ransomware never goes away

As another North Korean ransomware group pops up, this time called Holy Ghost and targeting small-to-medium enterprises, it seems that ransomware is endemic to the internet. But just because it’s always there doesn’t mean businesses can get complacent about it. Money is the usual motivation for ransomware attacks, no surprises there, but don’t think you can buy your way out of trouble, as often the decryption keys the cyber criminals give you just won’t work.

You need to cover the security basics to stay ahead of this threat. As well as the odd penetration test, mentioned above, running regular VA scans will help you find common security flaws that often act as the foot in the door for ransomware attacks. Having a security-trained workforce is likewise helpful for blocking attacks before they start. These cyber defences, as always, are available for use in™.

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