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New reporting requirements

A new law means businesses in the US must now report cyber incidents within 72 hours, or within 24 hours if you make a ransomware payment. Jen Easterly, director of the US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency said:

“This information will fill critical information gaps and allow us to … spot trends and quickly share that information”

And Put plainly, this legislation is a game-changer.

That’s great news for security in general, but it means businesses now have extra work to in the event of a cyber incident: as well as recover from hacks and breaches, they must now collect, collate, and report information in a tight timeframe.™ can help you do this through its managed SIEM service. SIEM is a great security tool and can help stop attacks before they get going, and it can also get all the information you’ll need to meet the new US reporting requirements.

Supply chain security risks

A popular satellite broadband supplier had a significant service outage recently. This led to many businesses in all sorts of industries losing their critical connectivity. It’s strongly suspected that the outage, which permanently damaged equipment, was because the Satcom company is also a military contractor. This highlights the importance businesses need to place on supply chain security.

In order to discover your supply chain risks, you need to identify your high-value assets. And’s Asset Manager feature is a great way to do this. I’ve also already mentioned SIEM, and in this case, it can raise the alarm on suspicious activity coming from a supplier who integrates with your systems.

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