Video Transcription

Who’s getting hacked?

Amidst a country-wide drought, a UK water company was hit with ransomware. Only the hackers didn’t really know who they’d hacked. They boasted they’d hit Thames Water, who supply 15 million people, when they’d really hacked South Staffordshire, who supply around a tenth as many people. The hackers dumped lots of info online when communications with the water company ‘broke down’. I imagine that would happen if you’re talking to the wrong people. Plus, at no point was the water supply at risk.

This whole thing is a mess and just goes to show that hackers aren’t all organised elite cyber criminals – sometimes they’re just idiots who know how to hack – and that goes for professional ransomware gangs too.™ can help you keep those idiots out of your business. It’s got all the tools to cover the basics, including VA scanning and security training. These two in particular are good at stopping opportunistic ransomware attacks. And for organisations who need more in-depth tooling, there’s MDR, endpoint, pen tests and more.

Copy + paste security

A popular car manufacturer had its security defeated by...copy and paste. Turns one guy and some google was all it took for a developer to discover that a global car maker’s security had been partially copy-and-pasted from a 20-year-old example book. The rest of the security was about as easy to hack too, with passwords and scripts just sitting online.™ has tools to help find and fix these security fails, whether they’re in your car or in your business. Targeted security assessments like penetration tests or red team exercises use human expertise to uncover flaws like these. An extra tip is to bake security into your DevOps cycle to prevent these things happening in the first place.

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