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Medical robots critically ill

Not one, not two… but FIVE critical-rated security flaws were found recently in a popular medical robot. These devices were deployed and operational in hospitals. If they’d been compromised, it could’ve shut down medical functions and locked staff out of wards. Thankfully the vendor was quick to patch, but consider this your timely reminder that cybersecurity has impacts in the real, physical world. For example, in your business it might be a commercial smart lock or an internet-enabled access control system.™ can help you stop hackers from getting physical. A good penetration test can help pick up problems before a hacker finds them. And regular vulnerability scans will let you know about all your missing security patches.

Joint cybersecurity alerts

Cybersecurity authorities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have issued a joint alert, warning of cyberattacks from Russian-aligned hacking groups. The alert is primarily targeted at organizations running critical national infrastructures, but as always, collateral damage to businesses is always a very real threat.

Jen Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said:

“The CISA, along with international partners, are putting out this advisory to highlight the demonstrated threat and capability of state-sponsored and Russian-aligned cybercrime groups”

No matter what the situation,™ is always on-hand to help businesses stay secure. Covering the basics, such as pen testing and vulnerability scans mentioned previously, are a solid start. Our SIEM service can help you gain the capability to detect attacks, and proactive monitoring stops and block attacks at the earliest stages, meaning you can stop hacks before they start.

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