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DDoS disguises other attacks

A wave of large cyberattacks, hitting a variety of victims, struck Europe recently. The targets included Government ministries, big banks and other commercial organizations. These attacks have disabled services and defaced websites, but crucially, these attacks were disguised. Hackers used distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks, to hide the fact that they were attacking successfully elsewhere.

This means that businesses need to develop the capability to detect attacks. Without this ability, you might be breached and not even know it, but with it, you can stop hackers in their tracks.™ can help you do this with its managed SIEM and endpoint services. SIEM combines technology with human expertise to identify malicious activity at the earliest stages. Endpoint meanwhile helps you monitor and lockdown end user devices in the event of a breach.

Mac hacks highlight security blind spots

Macs and other Apple devices are always gaining traction in the business world, increasingly in places where Windows was formerly the frontrunner. That’s great news for Apple and its fans, but that can impact your business security. Despite years of headlines to the contrary, some people still assume that Macs are secure out-of-the-box, and aren’t susceptible to malware. This isn’t true. This been brought into focus recently, with newly disclosed security vulnerabilities prompting an emergency fix from Apple. And questionable privacy practices have been discovered in a popular third-party videoconferencing app.

Your business needs to treat all technology as potential security risk, whether that be Windows, Mac, Linux, or something else. And™ can help you do this. I’ve already mentioned endpoint protection, and that works to Macs too. You can also run vulnerability scans to detect missing patches on all sorts of technology. Lastly,™ has a handy asset manager, so you can keep track of your tech.

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