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Technology stacks can lead to attacks

Modern websites are built on a layered technology stack, often using open-source tools and libraries. A security researcher recently took over one of these tools simply by buying an expired domain name. The tool in question was being downloaded six million times per week. Lucky it was a security researcher and not a cyber criminal. Your business’ website will almost certainly use third-party tools, but do you know what they are? Well,™ can help. The Recon tool, among other helpful things, lets you see what libraries and technologies your web presence is using. This means you check if they’re out of date, as well as can make informed decisions about your risk profile.

Cyberattacks can continue to cost money

Colonial Pipeline, one of the major fuel oil distributors in the US, suffered a big ransomware attack last year. As a reminder, they went against FBI advice and paid the ransom of 4 million dollars, but then had to restore from backups anyway. As if that wasn’t expensive enough, they’ve recently been fined an extra 1 million dollars by the US Department of Transportation. And speaking of the FBI, a recent report showed that global cybercrime cost victims around 7 billion dollars last year. Let no-one tell you that cyberattacks aren’t expensive.

Luckily,™ has all the tools you need to keep protected against ransomware. A good penetration test and periodic vulnerability scans should keep your apps and infrastructure in good condition, and training your staff will counter the social engineering-based attacks.

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