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12th November 2021

Why™ is the ultimate cybersecurity package for SMBs

Threats to the cybersecurity of small and medium-sized businesses are amongst some of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and difficult to manage, malicious actors and common software hacks such as malware and phishing emails are intensifying putting SMBs at risk. There is no underestimating the damage and risk involved with inadequate cybersecurity for SMBs, especially with the business world adopting a remote working strategy since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

There is a growing need for small and medium-sized businesses to implement cybersecurity measures early to protect their infrastructure, network, workforce, and business-critical data. Due to the growing attention around this topic, many providers are beginning to develop (or at least market them in a way that suggests) SMB focused solutions.

Microsoft Defender for Business has now thrown its hat into the ring by providing an endpoint security service catered for the small and medium-sized business market. So, how does it fare against a comprehensive cybersecurity package like™ – what is it?™ is the all-in-one cybersecurity platform which goes above and beyond any conventional cyber protection application or service. Through innovation and simplicity,™ combines pioneering technology and expert consultancy to deliver a 360° solution which encompasses integral areas of cybersecurity – detection, protection, training and compliance.™ helps SMBs build a secure foundation and allows them to safeguard every corner of their business, network, and infrastructure.

Microsoft Defender for Business – what is it?

When it launches, Microsoft Defender for Business will be the next evolution of the existing Microsoft Defender endpoint solution, aimed at the small to medium-sized business market. Targeting workforces of 300 employees or less, Microsoft Defender for Business is an advancement to traditional anti-virus software and aims to elevate cyber protection for SMBs by providing an automated detection and remediation service against common cyber threats like malware and ransomware across multiple operating systems and devices.

Comparison™ Microsoft Defender for Business
24/7 threat monitoring and detection with a fully managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system with real-time tracking and analysis of potential security threats across an entire network, from anywhere in the world Optimised version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint designed specifically for SMBs
People-powered service, offering consultancy services to assist SMBs better understand their security perimeters Threat and Vulnerability Management
Penetration testing conducted by CREST-approved pen testers to identify cyber weaknesses which hackers may exploit Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) notifies SMBs of the discovery and removal of cyber threats using behavioral-based detection and response alerts
Comprehensive security training for all staff and Phishing to test employee vigilance and compliance Attack Surface Reduction which is designed to reduce cyberattacks across multiple devices by integrating attack surface rules to mitigate threats of ransomware, application control, and breaching network firewalls
Tailored cyber protection packages to suit every SMB's cybersecurity needs API and Workflow Integration allows SMBs to integrate Microsoft Defender with existing security platforms
Security helpline and ‘panic button’ for an instant response to a breach in your cybersecurity
Helping all UK-based SMBs attain Government-backed Cyber Essentials certification with all™ packages
Cyber health checks for SMBs outside of the UK, independently assessed by™ security and compliance experts
GDPR audits by expert consultants to help SMBs become GDPR compliant, eliminating the risk of data breaches and incurring substantial fines

Who will protect me better?

Microsoft Defender will no doubt enrich SMBs looking to bolster their existing cyber defenses. For a huge enterprise like Microsoft to launch an endpoint solution optimised for SMBs is a win for the cybersecurity industry. However, there are drawbacks to simply building on existing software solutions such as Microsoft Defender for Business.

Microsoft Defender for Business has been enhanced from their existing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint cybersecurity platform. The limitations with optimising any technology or software are that you run the risk of diluting the product and therefore true endpoint protection is limited for SMBs. Think of Microsoft Defender for Business as an extension to your traditional anti-virus software with additional features and threat detection capabilities. While this is a good start, it’s no match for an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution like™, which contains many other features and people-based services as standard, all in a single platform.

Microsoft Defender will protect your cloud and your endpoints, whereas™ will also safeguard your entire workforce with many additional features and services in a single platform.™ has streamlined the cybersecurity approach to empower SMBs to ensure every corner of their business, network, and infrastructure is safeguarded. Simplicity and innovation are both key to™’s all-in-one solution and is the more complete cybersecurity solution of the two offerings.

Microsoft Defender for Business will provide SMBs with an extension to their existing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint model by including features such as threat and vulnerability management, endpoint detection and response, and cross platform protection. However,™’s package extends beyond just software protection for SMBs. Malicious threat actors try to infiltrate networks and infrastructures in many ways, and targeting staff with phishing campaigns and social engineering attacks has become one of the biggest threats to an SMBs cybersecurity. For that reason,™ integrates engaging and valuable training videos within their service to increase cybersecurity awareness.

Human support vs automated support

Your workforce is your first line defense against the threat of a cyberattack. Remediate the threat to employees and you’re already one step closer to protecting your SMB against hackers.™ incorporates comprehensive support which extends to the workforce of SMBs via engaging training and clever vigilance assessments to increase awareness and knowledge of cyber threats that businesses face daily. By raising staff awareness of common phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, businesses can dramatically reduce their risk of falling victim to devastating breaches.

Microsoft Defender for Business is unlikely to offer real-time support to SMBs or SOC analysts to undertake evaluations for added peace of mind. Microsoft has proposed that its Defender for Business product does not require any specialist security knowledge or expertise to monitor and manage. While this may be good in theory, in practice it’s inevitable that SMBs will often require help and assistance in setting up and using cybersecurity tools, especially for small businesses that do not have any prior knowledge. That’s why™ includes access to a dedicated product support team as standard to help keep cybersecurity simple and accessible.


Flexible plans from™ are based on a per-user model and require a 12-month subscription starting from just $13.50 per user, per month.™ packages range from Essential to Enterprise, allowing you to choose the features most appropriate for your business. See™ for a complete pricing overview.

Microsoft Defender for Business will be priced at $3 per user if SMBs opt for a standalone service. Alternatively, Microsoft Defender will be available as part of Microsoft’s 365 Business Premium subscription, which is priced at a monthly cost of $20 per user.

Businesses will save money by consolidating their cybersecurity into a single vendor like™. Where Microsoft Defender for Business lacks in terms of its breadth of features available,™ proves to be greater value for money – most™ packages include a penetration test, which businesses should already be conducting annually. Microsoft Defender will give you adequate protection but won’t be as far-reaching as™, so ultimately SMBs will end up spending more on additional features and services when™ provides everything in one place at a very affordable price point.

Is Microsoft Defender any good?

Microsoft Defender for Business will deliver a much-improved solution to their previous offerings. However, there’s a big question mark looming over Microsoft Defender’s ability to comprehensively protect an SMB from sophisticated cyberattacks. Microsoft Defender for Business is a viable solution as anti-virus software, and sure, everyone needs anti-virus protection. It has improved upon its previous versions, bolstering its features and providing additional protection for SMBs. But its shortcomings mean all-in-one cybersecurity packages from™ offer better levels of protection for businesses.

For SMBs looking to protect their business-critical data from hackers, vendors like™ can offer feature-rich packages which include a managed SIEM service, penetration testing, log monitoring, phishing simulations, vulnerability scanning, staff training, and supporting businesses in acquiring Cyber Essentials certification. Additionally,™’s people-powered offering will speak volumes to SMBs as it ensures there’s human support available compared to an automated support model like Microsoft Defender for Business. Many of these features are offered as standard with™ packages. With Microsoft Defender, its limitations are that businesses would need to purchase additional services and applications to support their existing Defender for Business to strengthen their cybersecurity protection.


If an SMBs is serious about their long-term cybersecurity, encompassing all areas of their business,™ is the ideal service provider to choose. Whilst Microsoft Defender for Business has developed its anti-virus software for greater protection against common cyber threats, providing surface level threat detection and management optimised especially for SMBs, there are limitations to the protection it provides. An all-in-one cybersecurity package from™ eliminates the need for multiple vendors to supply additional features and will safeguard networks, infrastructure, business-critical data, and protect an entire workforce effectively with greater peace of mind.

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