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What is asset tracking?

Asset management and tracking is a key part of staying on top of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Being able to easily create and manage a digital asset management register is vital for discovering, evaluating and treating cyber risks.™ takes this capability a step further, aligning threat intelligence and uncovering security risks directly related to the assets in your business. Your assets define your attack surface, therefore having threats aligned to your organization’s unique attack surface removes the need to spend time analyzing and interpreting complex threat data.™ dashboard

Benefits of asset tracking

Your assets define your attack surface, and having threats aligned to your organization’s unique attack surface removes the need to spend time analyzing and interpreting complex threat data.™ includes an innovative asset tracker that provides a range of benefits to your business:

  • Manage the operating systems and hardware assets across your company
  • Easily keep asset registers up to date
  • Align cyber threats to assets for faster remediation
  • Helps risk management by uncovering hidden threats
  • Improves security posture

Asset tracker in™ makes it easy to add, edit, remove and search assets, so it’s simple to keep up to date. You can assign users to specific assets and create user profiles, so you’ll always know which operating systems and hardware each user has.

Powerful features

Powerful features™ puts easy-to-use enterprise asset management capabilities into the hands of every business.

Uncover threats

Uncover threats

Find hidden security threats by seeing what other vulnerable assets you have in your business.

User profiles

User profiles

Get intel on what operating systems and hardware belong to which users with a handy user profiles feature.

The most comprehensive security bundle available

Enterprise security shouldn’t have to be expensive, so we include many powerful features as standard.

Without full awareness of your assets, it’s impossible to know the real risks. Your Asset Tracker makes it simple to identify and keep track of all the operating systems and devices used within your business.
Live data from penetration tests, VA scans and threat intelligence against your assets, feeds into a central dashboard showing you exactly where your critical risks lie and the severity of each threat.
See your business through the eyes of a hacker. The handy data display highlights your web traffic figures, sub domains, third party data risk, email block lists and much more.
It’s best practice to run regular vulnerability scans to complement your pen testing schedule. This feature makes it easy for you to schedule regular scans or perform a quick on-demand test.
Evaluate your external-facing systems for security vulnerabilities with expert testers who work with you to strengthen your security perimeter. Easily track your results and remediations from your Threat Dashboard.
Advanced anti-virus and anti-malware gives you peace of mind that every workstation, server and mailbox is protected at all times.
Security analysts search your systems’ logs to provide real-time analysis of security alerts from your network and applications, including Office365. Choose our full managed service for 24/7 proactive protection.
Get a comprehensive audit of your business against the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme. Conducted by expert consultants, you can be confident you have the right technical controls in place.

Support is always on-hand

Expert Consultancy Expert Consultancy

Expert Consultancy

Security consultants will be on-hand to help you strategize, set action plans and review policies.

Security Helpline Security Helpline

Security Helpline

Around the clock support to ensure you are getting the best protection from every feature.

Panic Button Panic Button

Panic Button

24/7 emergency support for security events, cyber incidents, and data breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset tracking in cybersecurity is a way to track the location of an asset by using a GPS device. Asset tracking is necessary for locating assets that are not in use all the time, for checking the location of assets logging into the system, and helping to reduce the risk of theft and loss of assets.

The operating systems and hardware assets in your organization define your unique attack surface. This makes identifying, tracking and managing your assets a core component of good cybersecurity. By creating an asset register, you can ensure that all threats against your assets are managed or mitigated.™ has a built in digital asset management tool that tracks the vendor and version of all popular operating systems and hardware.

You can quickly create asset groups and define assets by user or by your company as a whole.

It’s as easy as typing in the vendor and version of your asset, and assigning a user if appropriate.™ prizes innovation and is always improving. New asset management features, such as automatic asset population, are being developed and will be included in a future release.

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Feedback from St Andrew’s Healthcare

This service is really useful for small to medium enterprises who don’t have the dedicated internal tech or services that provide the capability.

Alexandra Vujcich Infrastructure Team Lead, St Andrew’s Healthcare

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