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Uber breached as humans hacked

You’ll probably have heard the news that Uber got hacked, again. But what’s interesting this time is how the hackers got in. It wasn’t by abusing a technical flaw. The cybercriminal social engineered their way in by phishing an employee. They also got a contractor’s login information, which was protected by two factor authentication. After hackers spammed the 2FA request a few times, the contractor just hit ‘Accept’ to make the flood of notifications go away.

This goes to show that, even with security best-practices in place, humans are still the weakest link. If your business is going to invest time and money in security tools, like 2FA, then you need to make sure your employees know how to use them. That also goes for other security tooling, such as SIEM services.™ can help you stay protected. We have a range of engaging training videos that explain why security is important, as well as what to do to keep your business secure. As the Uber hack as shown – complacency is a security threat, so keep the training topped up.

Whole-business threats

The gang behind the Uber attack is rumoured to also be behind our next hack, which was the data breach on Rockstar Games. Gaming is a multi-billion-dollar business, and Rockstar’s GTA 6 is highly anticipated. So, it was quite a blow when code and gameplay footage was leaked to the Internet. There was evidence that the hackers had tried to negotiate with Rockstar to stop the source-code being leaked.

The attacker got a lot of information from breaching Rockstar’s Slack workspace. You might not think that a common communication tool is a weak point in your business security, but as this hack shows, the tools your business uses are just as important as your own infrastructure.

To combat this, you need a security strategy that looks at your whole business risks and makes plans to treat them. Hiring a dedicated CISO might be overkill, or just too expensive, for some, so™ can help with our virtual CISO service. The help of a seasoned security pro is a great way to boost your security maturity.

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